Patrols boosted after robbery at City College



Police have beefed up patrols on City College's campus after a gunman and two accomplices robbed three students in the high school's rear parking lot on Wednesday evening.

No one was hurt during the incident. The robbers fled with $25 taken from one of the students. It was the second robbery at the school this year. On Nov. 9, a teacher was robbed of $40 on the school's football field about 9:30 p.m., school police reported.

The students, two girls and a boy, all 16, were sitting in a car waiting for a school play to begin when the robbers struck at about 6:30 p.m. The gunman wore a ski mask and his accomplices wore bandanas covering their faces, school police said.

Antonio Williams, chief of the city school police, said he is working to get new lighting in the school's rear parking lot, which was dark during the robbery. He said he also has asked school officials to notify school police when evening events take place so that he can assign officers.

Williams said it doesn't appear that the two robberies are linked.

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