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December 14, 2005


Genome project targets cancer

In a bold but uncertain bid to spur cancer treatment, federal medical researchers announced a $100 million project to begin identifying the genes behind different types of tumors. pg 1a

Sauerbrey nomination stalled

The nomination of Maryland Republican Ellen R. Sauerbrey to a top State Department post has stalled in a Senate committee and won't be dealt with until next year unless President Bush acts to bypass Congress and give her the job on a temporary basis. pg 4a


Detainee torture possible

Two detainees may have been tortured to death at the hands of Iraqi security forces, the head of a commission investigating allegations of abuse at Iraqi jails said yesterday. pg 1a

Secret prison clues found

A European investigator said that he has found mounting indications the United States illegally held detainees in Europe but hurriedly shipped the last ones to North Africa a month ago when word leaked out. pg 13a


State worker details firings

The Ehrlich administration systematically got rid of state employees believed to be politically or personally disloyal to the governor, according to testimony from a former employee of the Maryland Department of Human Resources. Tom Burgess was the first sworn witness to appear before a special panel investigating the governor's personnel practices to give his account of some of those firings. pg 1a

Teen pleads guilty in killing

An Essex teenager avoided a possible death sentence yesterday when he pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of a private school educator in the parking garage at Towson Town Center. pg 1b

City sues Md. prison system

Taking up the cause of public access to government information, Baltimore officials filed a lawsuit against the state prison system, demanding an uncensored version of a report about problems at the Central Booking and Intake Center. pg 1b


Fed boosts short-term rate

The Federal Reserve boosted its benchmark short-term interest rate by a quarter percentage point to 4.25 percent but sparked hopes that it may be nearing an end to its 18-month-long credit tightening program. The increase in the Fed's federal funds rate, which banks charge each other for overnight loans, will lead to higher borrowing costs for consumers and businesses. pg 1a


Tall in the saddle

The 63rd annual Golden Globe Awards confirmed that the love affair between two cowboys has become this year's critical sensation, as Brokeback Mountain collected a leading seven nominations, including best dramatic motion picture. pg 1c


2006 racing plan gains steam

The state's horsemen appear ready to approve a compromise proposal that would allow for 180 days of live racing at Maryland tracks in 2006. pg 1e


Of the day

"I should play Ritalin-addicted working mothers and transgendered fake missionaries more often!"

Felicity Huffman, nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in the film "Transamerica."

Article, PG 1C

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When holidays coincide

For Jewish and interfaith families, this Dec. 25 poses a special dilemma: Christmas Day is also the first night of Hanukkah.

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