They Said It

December 13, 2005

"Basically, I just changed myself. Every thought I had, every step I took, was positive."

Michael Campbell

New Zealand golfer, on his change in attitude that led to a U.S. Open victory in 2005

"Was it his pipe? Who knows? We know for sure it was his career. Judge that. Just that."

Ethan Skolnick

South Florida Sun-Sentinel, arguing that Michael Irvin's recent arrest for having drug paraphernalia - like the rest of his off-field behavior - shouldn't be considered in deciding on his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

"For sure, Stern's next gig will be as a judge on America's Next Top Model, because he is seemingly more concerned about NBA players' wardrobes than the state of the actual game."

Jemele Hill

Orlando Sentinel, on commissioner David Stern and the NBA's crackdown on too-long shorts

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