The Kickoff

December 13, 2005

Good morning --Pat Riley -- Taking over the Heat should bring you back to your playing days - people are calling it a force-out.

Question of the day

Should Orioles players express their displeasure by asking to be traded?

No one has a more pressing right to question the Orioles' commitment to winning than a blue-chip player like Tejada. It's like hiring a top mechanic to work on a race car. Only, after he signs the contract, you present him with a Swiss Army knife and tell him that's his toolkit.

Joe Roman


No! Publicly or privately, it wouldn't serve any purpose. It would only alienate the player with the Orioles owner and the front office. It wouldn't change Peter Angelos' thinking, and the media would brand you as a malcontent and troublemaker, just as they have done with Miguel Tejada, since his public announcement. Same old, same old ...

Ron Parsons


Wake up, this is show biz - prima donnas, movie stars, big-time spenders. When you're finally fed up with it, take in a minor league game and have some fun.

L. Rodgers


Next question

Would the co-general manager arrangement work better in Boston than it did with the Orioles?

Selected responses to today's question will be printed tomorrow on The Kickoff page. Please e-mail your answer (about 25 words) to by 3 p.m. today. Include your name, address and a daytime telephone number for verification purposes.

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