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December 11, 2005


Sewer project alarms residents

Neighborhood leaders from Hampden to East Baltimore are grappling with the ramifications of a $40 million sewer project - one of the most complicated the city has undertaken - that will require a four-mile-long, 10-foot-wide trench. pg 1a

Democrats target vetoes

General Assembly Democrats say they will try to override a half-dozen of Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s vetoes, setting the stage for a testy election-year legislative session with fights on the minimum wage, health care for Wal-Mart employees, early voting and juvenile justice reforms. pg 1b


Eugene McCarthy dies at 89

Former U.S. Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy of Minnesota, a Democrat whose surprisingly strong campaign in 1968 effectively ended President Lyndon B. Johnson's political career, died yesterday at a retirement home in Washington, D.C. He was 89. pg 3a

Plane removed for study

A damaged airliner was hauled off a Chicago street yesterday as federal aviation officials tried to determine why it slid off a Midway Airport runway Thursday and crashed into traffic, where it killed a 6-year-old boy. They also arranged to interview the pilots of the Southwest Airlines Boeing 737. pg 8a


UM professor accepts Nobel

Forty-five years after publishing what became a textbook on avoiding nuclear war, Thomas C. Schelling, professor emeritus at the University of Maryland, was awarded yesterday the 2005 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. pg 1a

U.N. conference agrees to talks

A U.N. conference on global warming ended yesterday in Montreal with a watershed agreement by more than 150 nations - the United States not among them - to open talks on mandatory post-2012 reductions in greenhouse gases. pg 20a


No. 1 Duke routs No. 2 Texas

J.J. Redick had a career high of 41 points and a school-record-tying nine three-pointers to help No. 1 Duke crush No. 2 Texas, 97-66, in East Rutherford, N.J. pg 1d


Beauty and the Beast, retold

What possessed director Peter Jackson to try to remake, again, King Kong, one of the great motion pictures of all time? Seventy-two years after the original's release, Jackson says the movie has "the coolest stuff": dinosaurs, apes and "an emotional story that makes you tear." pg 1e


Inside the Garage Beautiful

A man's garage is his castle, his "man cave," a place to hang out, talk cars and power tools, smoke cigars, honor Dale Earnhardt and fearlessly leave the seat up. Reporter Rob Hiaasen finds five in Maryland worth showcasing. pg 1n


Inn aims to please

In a tiny hotel in Washington, Va., heaven is in the details. Patrick O'Connell, co-owner of the Inn at Little Washington, says, "It's our goal to make the second night even more magical than the first." The inn has won just about every award worth having as a restaurant as well as a hotel. pg 1r


Of the day

"This is, by definition, a nightmare project. People are worried."

Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, on the proposed 4-mile trench to be dug through Baltimore for a new sewer main. Article, PG 1A

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