The moment she became mom



I made my way around the courtroom where a dozen or so families waited in anticipation to make official the adoption of their loved ones. This was the type of assignment where finding a touching moment would not be hard.

When Suzette Brendon stepped up to the stand, the judge already knew her and her family. This was not the first child the Brendons had adopted.

Judge John O. Hennegan, whose own son is adopted, bantered and joked with all the parents that morning, many of them saying little in response, just smiling, happy that the day had come. But when the judge playfully teased Haile Brendon and his newly adoptive mother, they joked back.

At that moment, Suzette grabbed Haile's head with both hands and shook it playfully. Haile broke out into the biggest smile, and so did his mother. She teared up for that one moment, and then it was back to kidding around.

I just thought, this must be what a proud mother looks like. It was such a beautiful thing to see.

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