A site that might change your life for the funnier


December 11, 2005|By TROY MCCULLOUGH

The new site, This Blog Will Change Your Life (365daysofhystericalliving. blogspot.com), probably won't, but it's guaranteed to make you laugh.

The site charts the progress of its anonymous author as he works his way through the pages of This Book Will Change Your Life - a zany manual filled with daily tasks guaranteed to break people out of their mundane routines. For one year, the fearless blogger has vowed to follow the book's instructions "as closely as possible without getting arrested or dying."

On Day 41 he was ordered to apply for knighthood, so he wrote a letter to British Prime Minister Tony Blair. On Day 18 he was ordered to pretend to be a secret agent, which ended with a close encounter with the local police: "I darted off the road and barrel rolled into some shrubbery. Unfortunately, I landed on my keys. That really hurts."

Day 24, "barter day," included this failed attempt at a transaction: "When passing a man on a bench reading a copy of The Chicago Sun-Times, I offered an expired Pizza Hut coupon in exchange for all of the odd numbered pages in the paper. Result: He kept reading."

The poor guy still has more than 10 months to go.

Bodcasts or Godcasts

Podcasts - all the rage among bloggers these days - have caught the eye of Hugh Hefner. The Playboy publisher has introduced a new series of daily "bodcasts" (playboy.com/bodcasts/bodcastlogin.html) that include a joke of the day told by a Playboy model, video advice from Cyber Girls of the Month and Q&A's with Hef himself.

All are free and certainly sinful, but redemption for you and your iPod is just a click away at the Godcast network (godcast.org).

On the Road

Are you listening, Baltimore?

The Road Online (theroad online.net), a new project based on Jack Kerouac's classic novel, On The Road, is attempting to collect ambient recordings from all the locations referenced in the book - including Charm City and Frederick.

"These sounds will be mixed with fragments of bop, folk, jazz and mambo recordings, vintage film clips, and live performances," the site states.

The only requirement for contributors: Recordings must include only naturally occurring sounds -no music or special effects.

Chopped Liver

Minneapolis resident Becky Waller, a good friend of mine, is trying to save her brother's life.

Her brother Joe is suffering from an auto-immune disease known as primary sclerosing cholangitis and is in need of a liver transplant, which could cure him. But by the time Joe scores high enough on the national organ donor registry to receive a liver, he would most likely be too ill to undergo the operation, so doctors have concluded that a live-donor transplant is his best option. And Becky has volunteered to be that donor - a process with real risks but obvious rewards.

Furthermore, she has started a blog to document the experience, Chopped Liver (chopped-liver-blog.blogspot.com). The site is filled with her trademark intelligence, wit and humor - even when writing about blood sample results, excruciating liver biopsies and meetings with transplant teams.

This is truly an inspired blog.


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