December 10, 2005

Preston's column overlooks key fact

I am getting bored with Mike Preston's columns. Every column is the same - Kyle Boller must go, Brian Billick must go, Jamal Lewis must go.

I have a better idea: How about getting rid of Preston?

How can a columnist knock the Ravens' performance on Sunday against the Houston Texans and not mention that the team was missing eight starters - Ray Lewis, Chris McAlister, Will Demps, Tony Weaver, Keydrick Vincent, Orlando Brown, Jonathan Ogden and Alan Ricard.

Take any team in the league and remove its equivalent eight players and see how it does against any given opponent. Fairness would dictate that the columnist might mention that fact, but not our one-trick pony.

Ira Malis


Preston continues anti-Billick bias

Just as Mike Preston obviously cannot take one more minute of Brian Billick and Kyle Boller, I cannot take one more minute of Mike Preston.

While there is no question that this has been a down year for the Ravens, one would think even the cynical and angry Preston could come up with a positive comment about the Ravens' win over the Texans.

Not so, as Preston decided the Ravens' victory was just cause for a Monday column about why Brian Billick should be fired.

It's ironic that the same problems Preston has with Billick, many of us Sun readers have with Preston. Preston is egocentric enough to think that his column actually affects actions the Ravens take on and off the field.

The chip on his shoulder against Billick has transformed into an all-out agenda to get the coach fired. Even in the rare instance when Preston tries to compliment the coach, his comments still come out negative.

Aaron Wade


Ravens fans far from fair-weather

In last Saturday's paper, a letter writer accused the Ravens' faithful of being "fair-weather fans."

Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the loyalty of Baltimore's NFL fans that enables the Ravens to get away with such miserable performances.

In spite of all its trappings, football is just another form of entertainment. If a rock band gave a series of horrid shows, even die- hard fans would stop showing up.

Until Ravens fans ask themselves why they should be paying such high prices to watch such lousy football and answer by staying at home, why should team management care all that much about improving things?

Because of their loyalty, Ravens supporters are only setting themselves up for exploitation.

Joe Roman


O's give no reason to renew tickets

With each day of offseason non-news, I struggle with the decision of whether to renew my Orioles season tickets. That decision now becomes much easier.

I've been a regular at Camden Yards for three reasons.

No. 1 was the prospects of a winning team. Well, with the changes to date in our bullpen (LaTroy Hawkins for B.J. Ryan), the bright spots in our ever-spotty record will surely dim this year even if they bring in the likes of Frank Thomas or recycle Jeff Conine. What about Roger Clemens, Johnny Damon or Alfonso Soriano? Please, it always hurts when I laugh.

The second and third reasons were the privilege of watching and cheering the outstanding play of professionals and team players Mike Bordick and. B.J. Surhoff.

The Orioles never gave Bordick the respect he earned, but I grudgingly admit that the eventual change was an upgrade (if Miguel Tejada stays with the Orioles).

And isn't it ironic that the day they dumped Surhoff was the same day my bright orange season-ticket renewal package arrived?

Will I renew the $40 for tickets plus parking plus overpriced junk food each game? Three strikes and contact me again in 2007.

Sam Levine


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