Edible gold and silver kits

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December 10, 2005

What it is -- Each kit contains a shaker, 0.1 gram of edible gold flakes or edible silver flakes -- enough for 20 cocktails or 10 cocktails and some desserts or side dishes -- recipes and decorating ideas.

How it works --Edible gold, sometimes called varak, has been used in Indian dishes for centuries. The tiny flakes do not alter the flavor of food or beverages and are certified kosher. The flakes can be used for decorating beverages or desserts, or bring sparkle to entrees.

What we like about it --Edible gold and silver add sparkle to the holidays and make seasonal desserts look even more festive.

What it costs --$29.99 for the kit.

How to order --Kits are available at ediblegold.com.

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