Roch Around The Clock


December 09, 2005|By ROCH KUBATKO

I'll miss Steve Kline, but only for selfish reasons. He was a lot of fun to be around with the Orioles, unless you managed the club. Boy, did he hate Lee Mazzilli. ...

When Kline was embroiled in the controvery over his comments to a St. Louis reporter that suggested he should have stayed with the Cardinals, reliever Steve Reed offered to help out his teammate. Standing near Kline's locker while the lefty was surrounded by reporters, Reed quipped: "Don't worry, Steve, I'll get a DUI and take some of the heat off you." Now there's a friend.

I know reacquiring Jeff Conine wouldn't have many fans doing cartwheels, but he'd be great for clubhouse chemistry. And never underestimate the importance of that. One prominent veteran mentioned in September how someone like Conine never would have stood by quietly while rookie Bernie Castro kept reporting late for batting practice. Conine, as old-school as they come, would have chewed out Castro and made sure such a transgression never happened again.

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