The Kickoff

December 09, 2005

Good morning --Edgar Renteria --Thanks for coming by. Hope you didn't bother unpacking all of your boxes.

Question of the day

Have the Toronto Blue Jays made themselves into a contender in the American League East or have they spent foolishly?

Give them credit, at least they are trying! There is only one team in the AL East that is foolish, and it's not the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Kevin R. Mack


They wasted their money and jacked up the cost of other free agents. A.J. won't adjust to the AL until July, and B.J. won't have many games to save.

John Atanat


With the additions of B.J. Ryan and A.J. Burnett, the forward-moving Blue Jays are definitely a candidate for at least second place in the AL East.

Sam Levine


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