Linda S. Lotz-Brown, 61, teacher, school librarian


Linda S. Lotz-Brown, a retired teacher and librarian who late in her life was reunited with her college sweetheart, died of a heart attack Monday at her home in Bozman, in Talbot County. She was 61.

She was born and raised Linda S. Evans in Crisfield. As a young woman, she represented her hometown as Miss Crisfield and later was Miss Somerset County.

After graduating from Crisfield High School in 1962, she earned a bachelor's degree in art education from what is now Towson University. She later earned a certificate in fine arts from Maryland Institute College of Art and a master's degree in reading in 2001 from the Johns Hopkins University.

FOR THE RECORD - Linda S. Lotz-Brown: An obituary in yesterday's editions of The Sun for Linda Lotz-Brown contained some garbled text in the last paragraph. It should have read: "In addition to her husband and daughter, survivors include a stepdaughter, Susan Brown-Teneza of Bozman; and a step-granddaughter."
The Sun regrets the error.

Mrs. Lotz-Brown taught in Baltimore public schools from 1965 to 1977, when she left to raise her daughter.

During the 1980s, she was a teaching assistant at St. John's Parish Day School in Ellicott City and at the Howard County Public Library.

"Linda was a multitalented person who always had good ideas. If you asked her for an idea, she gave you 10. She was extremely willing to share her talents," said Verona Hung, a longtime friend who taught with her.

Mrs. Lotz-Brown resumed her full-time teaching career in 1992 when she joined the faculty of Dallas F. Nicholas Sr. Elementary School. Later, she taught art and was school librarian at Medfield Heights Elementary School.

"Linda was a real sweetheart and a hard worker. She was a very warm, friendly and loving person. In other words, a class act," said Debbie D. Thomas, Medfield's principal.

"She was a very conscientious teacher who was always striving for the best. She was a very talented artist, and the children just loved her. And her classroom was always a very warm and inviting place," Ms. Thomas said.

During the summer, Mrs. Lotz-Brown taught reading and worked with several inner-city day camp programs.

Mrs. Lotz-Brown was married for 26 years to Calvin H. Lotz Jr., a professor of history at the University of Baltimore, who died in 1991.

After retiring last year, she moved from Ellicott City to Bozman.

While attending a Maryland Realtors Convention in Ocean City in 2001, her daughter, Gillian Lotz, picked up a business card left by Ralph E. Brown.

"We divided up the cards among the four of us for a drawing we were having. So I had a one-in-four chance and picked up his card," Ms. Lotz said.

"I gave him a call. He was a widower and said his family lived in Easton, and I told him my mother had grown up on the Eastern Shore," she said.

"He then asked her name and I told him that she was Linda Evans and had gone to Towson State. It turned out they had dated in college and then broke up and went their separate ways," she said. "And then I said, `So, you were the one who gave her the gold bracelet that she wore throughout her life.'"

The couple were reunited at Thanksgiving that year.

"They had their first date at the Red Lobster in Columbia and married in 2004. And since that time, they've been inseparable," Ms. Lotz said.

"And she will be buried with the gold bracelet."

Lotz-Brown's musical tastes ranged from opera and classical music to big band and swing-era music. She enjoyed singing, traveling to Europe and painting watercolor pictures of animals for children.

She was an officer of the Miles River Yacht Club.

Services will be held at 11 a.m. Monday at Bozman United Methodist Church.

her husband and daughter, survivors include a stepdaughter, Susan Brown-Teneza of Bozman; and a step-granddaughter.

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