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December 09, 2005


David G. Strappelli has been appoint ed clinical administrator of the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Cen ter's department of orthopedics. In his new role, he will provide adminis trative leadership for orthopedics, as well as continue supervision of NIH contract activities.

Strapelli, a Harford county resident, has been with Hopkins Bayview for 18 years and has served as director for contracts and research administra tion since 2001.

Ethan T. Vishniac, a professor in the Henry A. Rowland Department of Physics and Astronomy at The Johns Hopkins University's Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, has been named editor-in-chief of the Astrophysical Journal. He succeeds Robert C. Kenni cutt Jr. of Cambridge University.

"I am deeply honored to be chosen as editor-in-chief, Vishniac said in a statement. Some of the most distin guished American astronomers of the last hundred years are among my predecessors."

Vishniac came to Hopkins in 1998 and served as director of the university's Center for Astronomical Sciences from 1999 to 2002.

He earned his B.S. degree in physics and a B.A. degree in applied math from the University of Rochester in 1976, and his Ph.D. in astronomy from Harvard University in 1980. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton, on faculty at the University of Texas at Austin and a visiting professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Suzy Nicol has been named assistant administrator of the Johns Hopkins Baview Medical Center's department of pathology. Previously, Nicol was supervisor of operations at Hopkins Bayview, wwhere she was responsible for the blood bank, microbiology and phlebotomy.

Nicol came to Johns Hopkins Hospi tal in 1986 as a medical technologist. In November 1989, Nicol left the hos pital for Landstulh, Germany, where she directed the armed services blood bank for Operation Desert Storm. She received a Special Act of Service award from Army for her performance in Germany.

Nicol returned to JHH in 1993 as a lead technologist in the blood bank. In 1999, she was promoted to supervi sor and expanded her duties to in clude the blood bank at Hopkins Bayview. Nicol earned an under graduate degree from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and a M.S. from the University of Maryland.


Dr. Robert Gallo, founder and director of the Institute of Human Virology in Baltimore and a co-discoverer of the human immunodeficiency virus, received the 2005 Dr. Tovi Comet-Walerstein Science Award at Bar-Ilan University in Israel on Nov. 30.

The award is given annually to a scientist for contributions to basic or applied research that are recognized as breakthroughs for future research and treatment.

Gallo discovered the first human retrovirus in 1980. In 1984, he and colleagues discovered HIV and provided the first results to show that it was the cause of AIDS .

Eileen McGurty, Associate Chair of Environmental Science and Policy at Johns the Hopkins University, has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to lecture at Baku State University in Azerbaijan during the 2006 academic year.

McGurty, who oversees Hopkins' graduate degree program in environmental sciences, will teach environmental policy and a sustainable cities course in Baku State's geography department. She will be one of about 800 U.S. faculty members and professionals traveling to 140 countries through the State Department's Fulbright Scholarship exchange program.

A specialist in environmental history and planning, McGurty is currenty working on a book entitled The Origins of Environmental Justice and Transformation of American Environmentalism, to be published by Rutgers University Press in September 2006.

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