December 07, 2005

An article yesterday erroneously reported that Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said he would replace acting Director R. David Paulson and acting Deputy Director Patrick Rhode at the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Chertoff said in an interview that he would not make final decisions on who should fill those roles until after an agency review is complete.

Because of incorrect information provided by the Maryland Department of Human Resources, an article yesterday misstated the number of children in foster care. The correct number is 7,000.

An article in yesterday's Today section contained an incorrect educational history for ABC News' Bob Woodruff. He received his bachelor's degree from Colgate University.

In some editions yesterday, the first name of George Washington basketball player Danilo Pinnock was incorrectly reported as J.R. Also, Maryland's Chris McCray finished with 21 points against the Colonials on Monday night, not 19 as reported.

An article Saturday on the Ravens' likely new radio deal incorrectly stated that 98 Rock (WIYY-FM) has the strongest FM signal in the Baltimore area. Four stations have stronger signals, all at 50,000 watts: WHFS (105.7), WBJC (91.5), WQSR (102.7) and WRBS (95.1).

The Sun regrets the errors.

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