Roch Around The Clock


December 06, 2005|By ROCH KUBATKO

Sure wish all of you could get one chance to cover baseball's winter meetings, just to experience the thrill of standing in the lobby of a fancy hotel for hours upon hours, watching hordes of agents and team executives pass by and asking the person standing next to you: "Who's that?"

Good times.

Kudos to the general managers who suggest meeting each day with their team's beat writers at the hotel bar. Jim Beattie always sought out an empty conference room. Talk about a buzz kill.

Mike Flanagan confirms that multiple teams are expressing interest in slumping reliever Jorge Julio, saying that the Orioles have gotten lots of hits on him. Unfortunately, so has the rest of the league.

The club held one of its promotions in September where kids run the bases after a game. A little girl in a pink T-shirt crossed home plate, and Julio's ERA went up another point.

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