The Kickoff

December 05, 2005

Good morning --Orange Bowl -- Can you reschedule the kickoff so Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno can make the early bird special?

Question of the day

Do you expect the Orioles to make any moves during the winter meetings?

Not unless the room service is really bad at the hotel they're staying in.

Tom Grey


As long as the seats are filled at Camden Yards, the Orioles have no real incentive to spend what is needed to improve. Angelos and company only care about the bottom line. If winning mattered, wouldn't they have done something over the last seven years?

Joe Roman


My winter meeting blueprint: 1. "Set parameters." 2. Put "irons on the fire." 3. Leave Dallas empty-handed. 4. Rant about baseball's out-of-control salary structure. 5. Raise ticket prices.

Jason Hahn



Did the Ravens' victory yesterday encourage you?

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