Volcano crater revealed


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December 04, 2005

Our guide, Johnny, warned us not to have high hopes: Heavy fog and mist frequently obscured the sulfur soup at the bottom of the Poas Volcano crater, near San Jose, Costa Rica. Only a few lucky ones, he said, were treated to this magnificent sight.

As we wound our way from sea level to heights of more than 8,800 feet, the weather gradually shifted from warm sunshine and 80 degrees to increasing cloudiness, heavy fog and plummeting temperatures. Our small group, disappointed, took shelter in the Heliconia Nature Store and Cafe Botos for souvenir shopping, hot coffee and prayers for a glimpse of Poas.

After about 20 minutes, Johnny appeared and bellowed: "Hurry! The fog is lifting!"

We ran the 100 yards to the crater's edge and arrived breathless, just in time to see the foggy veil lift for several precious moments, revealing this stunning sight.

Annamarie G. DeCarlo Annapolis

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