Other Notable Deaths


December 04, 2005

Michael Evans, 61, a photojournalist who captured an iconic image of a grinning Ronald Reagan wearing a worn cowboy hat, died Thursday at his Atlanta home. He had suffered from cancer for several years.

In 1975, while covering Mr. Reagan's unsuccessful campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, he took the famous picture of the future president, which ran on the covers of Time, Newsweek and People magazines after the president's death last year.

After Mr. Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in 1980, Mr. Evans became the new president's personal photographer. For the next four years, he made a pictorial record of the Reagan administration.

Constance Cummings, 95, a versatile American actress who lived mostly in England and, in a more glamorous age of liners and ocean crossings, captivated audiences on both sides of the Atlantic in a long stage, screen and television career, died Nov. 23 in a nursing home in Oxfordshire.

Starting as a teenage chorus girl in New York in 1928, she appeared in several Broadway shows, caught the eye of a Hollywood mogul in 1930 and was soon playing flappers, molls and ingenues in a series of films heavy on romance, blazing guns and sedans careening along dark roads.

From that inauspicious apprenticeship, she became a serious and celebrated actress in New York and London. She took on plays by Shakespeare, Sartre, Shaw, Edward Albee, Tennessee Williams and others.

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