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December 04, 2005

ISSUE: -- Harford County has received a federal grant of almost $100,000 to help sponsor drug abuse prevention programs through a faith-based intervention organization. The grant is the first installment of about $500,000 that will be received over five years to be used by a group called FACE-IT to help head off drug users in the county. Meanwhile, judges from across Maryland have been decrying a lack of state funds available for drug treatment for lawbreakers that has 140 people on a waiting list for a drug diversion program spearheaded by Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. Should more effort be placed on drug prevention or drug treatment?

Both prevention, treatment key

Why not both? Why can't there be more effort for both? Drug abusers need the prevention so they can stop using drugs. They also need drug treatment to get the drugs out of their systems. Drug prevention and drug treatment are two very important things to help stop drugs. Even if the drug prevention works for you, you will still need the drug treatment to help the drugs get completely out of your system. The same thing will happen if you flip the situation around. Why make it a lose-lose situation if you can make it a win-win situation?

Amira Edwards Edgewood

Emphasis should be put on prevention

Money should go to drug prevention rather than treatment. Although drug treatment is important, emphasis should be focused on curing this problem. If the source of this problem is continually overlooked, treatment will continue to be necessary. However, if a concerted effort is put on stopping the use of drugs before it becomes a problem, then drug treatment will not be as necessary.

Nate Hayes Abingdon

Prevention ends need for treatment

More money should go toward drug prevention so that people can see what drugs do to you. That way less money would be needed for treatment because fewer people would be on drugs. If the kids of today see the negative impact of using drugs, fewer kids will do drugs, decreasing the money needed to aid those in need.

Joe Kelly Bel Air

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