December 03, 2005

Let's keep Boller, but dump Billick

I do not understand the reluctance of Ravens coach Brian Billick to let Kyle Boller just let it loose with his arm.

Against the Cincinnati Bengals last week, it took a 34-point deficit to finally let the dogs out. The result: three touchdown passes. Too little, too late.

What the Ravens need to do is keep Boller, get rid of Billick and bring in someone such as Philip Rivers from the San Diego Chargers to give Boller some stiff competition for his job.

Billick and Boller are too joined at the hip. An honest quarterback competition would be just what Boller needs. By getting rid of Billick, it would remove the umbilical cord between Billick and Boller.

Phil Bauer

Bel Air

Sharpe was right: Boller can't play

Ravens quarterback Kyle Boller stumbles all over the field, makes incredibly stupid decisions, rarely finds open receivers and rarely hits them when he finds them.

His favorite pass regardless of the circumstances is the 3-yard dump-off. His clock management is atrocious. Some fans may not like or agree with Shannon Sharpe when he said that Boller can't play, but Sharpe was right.

Boller can't play. He is no better than Tommy Maddox, which makes him, at best, a third-string quarterback in this league.

The experiment is over. It's time for the Ravens to admit that Boller isn't the team's quarterback of the future and start thinking of where they go next.

The draft, free agency, a trade - somewhere out there is a quarterback who can help this team. And it's neither Boller nor his backup, Anthony Wright.

Steve Bassett


Fair-weather fans are disappointment

Baltimore fans have got to be better than the bandwagon fans quoted in Jamison Hensley's Nov. 18 article "A wave of discontent."

A "die-hard" fan does not sell out to the highest bidder when the going gets a little tough - a fair-weather fan does.

The Ravens have been a huge disappointment this year, but you don't abandon the team when it needs you the most. Just like your struggling team, you have to dig a little deeper and find ways to help make a difference.

Maybe you can make a difference by showing up stronger and screaming yourself more purple than ever. Maybe your support inspires the players. After all, it is not called home-field advantage for nothing.

Michael Schroeder

Severna Park

Government wastes time on sports issues

I have become increasingly angry with Rafael Palmeiro and the cloud that settled over the Orioles as a result of his failed drug test.

Palmeiro's denials stink of Pete Rose, but worse. However, fans and taxpayers should be even more upset that the U.S. government is wasting our money on sports inquiries - as if politicians were the champions of moral standards in our country.

Sports fans and non-sports fans already spend enough tax money to help build new stadiums and in most cases on the accompanying infrastructure. There's no rhyme or reason for the money, time, and effort involved in government investigations of the folks who are paid to play in these stadiums.

Major League Baseball has helped facilitate this nonsense and ought to foot the bill. The government should put our dollars to work by continuing to investigate themselves and each other.

A focus on some of the more important issues is probably too much to hope for, and if MLB actually did foot the bill, then we'd end up eating or drinking part of it on our next trip to the ballpark.

Brooks Williams

Greensboro, N.C.

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