Roch Around The Clock

December 02, 2005|By ROCH KUBATKO

The Orioles must feel a heck of a lot better that Paul Konerko said he "definitely" considered them before taking $5 million less to re-sign with the White Sox.

Hey, nothing personal.

This quote must give O's fans chills: He acknowledged that at the beginning of the process, the team "wouldn't have stood a chance." Gee, glad to see the organization's reputation has improved so much.

"I think he looked pretty hard at us," executive vice president Mike Flanagan said, "but I just think we had some things going against us."

It's those "things" that continue to haunt the Orioles, whether it's location or some other excuse, like eight straight losing seasons, the image of being a dysfunctional family, too much filler in the crab cakes, whatever.

An exorcism is needed, pronto. Get me a young priest and an old priest.

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