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December 02, 2005

Carroll County: Emergency system

State to put money into 911 upgrade

The Maryland Emergency Number Systems Board will spend nearly $1 million to replace, improve and expand Carroll County's 911 emergency system, which handles nearly 60,000 calls annually. Carroll's 10-year-old system, which was becoming difficult to maintain, will be computerized and expanded by four stations to a total of 10, with two stations devoted to training - at no cost to the county. Verizon will install the upgraded system in the County Office Building by March. The numbers board is funded through the 25-cent monthly fee charged to all phone customers in the state.

Mary Gail Hare

Central Maryland: Red Cross

2 members elected to nonprofit board

Two new members have been elected to the board of directors for the Central Maryland Red Cross. Pat Moriarty, vice president of football administration for the Baltimore Ravens, and Louise Rogers-Feher, media relations liaison for the Traffic Management Section of the Baltimore County police, were elected last month to the chapter's board.

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