The Kickoff

December 01, 2005

Good morning -- Alex Rodriguez -- So you won't be playing center? For what the Yankees pay you, maybe you could subcontract the job.

Question of the day

If the Colts have clinched home field throughout the playoffs, should they still try to go undefeated?

Absolutely! Records were made to be broken. Heck, in 2001 when Barry Bonds stroked his 71st homer, did he pack up his B-12-filled syringe and go home before blasting two more?

Brian Hirsch


The concept in the realm of professional football is for athletes (and coaches) giving 101 percent on each play, Game 1 through Game 16. Anything less than that is tantamount to saying "screw you, Mr. Fan."

Patrick R. Lynch


As a season-ticket holder when they left, I find it hard to root against them now. With Irsay dead, and the Colts having a coach like Dungy and a quarterback like Manning, I hope they go undefeated and win the Super Bowl. Those uniforms tug at my heart.

Joe Heldmann



Does Paul Konerko's rejection of the Orioles indicate problems for this offseason?

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