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December 01, 2005|By CANDUS THOMSON

These eyes ain't what they used to be, especially in the minutes before the sun pops up and again just after it slides beneath the horizon.

Short of getting Superman's X-ray vision for Christmas, I need a little illumination when baiting a hook, checking a birding guide or loading up a canoe.

That used to mean tucking a flashlight under one arm or gripping a little penlight between my teeth.

Now, I clip a little Bil-Lite sport utility light to my cap and away I go (I even use it when attempting to thread a needle or fire up the grill).

The little lamp weighs about an ounce, swivels up and down and left and right and runs about 100 hours on two 3-volt lithium batteries. You can buy a red or yellow filter to adapt the beam to different situations and a fiber-optic attachment directs the light to tight spots such as a gun barrel or under an outboard motor housing.

It throws a concentrated beam about 25 feet, which helps when you're walking to the wood pile to load up the fireplace.

The Bil-Lite costs under $20. You can order on-line at, or call 1-877-741-4612 to find a local retailer.

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