Roch Around The Clock


December 01, 2005|By ROCH KUBATKO

Maybe Jay Gibbons needs to reach out to Brian Billick, feel his pain. They now share something in common besides working for losing teams in Baltimore. They're essentially being told that the truth won't set you free. It'll just get you in trouble.

Gibbons caught some heat from Orioles officials when he told reporters in September that he looked forward to the season ending after all the controversies and distractions that ruined a promising start. And now it appears that Billick is being criticized for saying he's not sorry to see his season nearing an end.

Who could blame him for circling the date of the last game on his calendar? Enough already. How many more times must he watch Kyle Boller trip over his own feet? He's running out of healthy defensive players who aren't five years past their prime. Before last Sunday, Jamal Lewis was averaging about 2 yards a carry, and it wasn't always forward. The offensive line is a mess. Billick has new receivers, and nobody who can consistently get them the ball. Yeah, let's play 16 more.

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