The Kickoff

November 29, 2005

Good morning --Matt Millen -- So it's the coaching staff's fault for the Lions' plight. But didn't you hire the head coach?

Question of the day

Does the Ravens' showing of offense late in Sunday's game mean anything?

Yes. It means that an inescapable byproduct of prevent defenses is to artificially make the opposing offense look more ominous than it really is.

Brian Hirsch


Yes, it means they lost by 13 points instead of 34. The Ravens are now like the Orioles, afraid to make changes. A message to Steve Bisciotti: If it is broke, fix it.

Chuck Friedel


The only thing it means to me is to prove that they are perfectly capable of scoring with their offense. None of the excuses mean anything; they just aren't giving their all.

Shannon Lewis



How much will B.J. Ryan's departure hurt the Orioles?

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