The Said It

November 28, 2005

"I told him: `Life is nothing but a lot of start-overs, so now you have to start over. And if you get hurt [again], you've got to be willing to start over again."

John Lucas

Former NBA player and coach, on working with the Milwaukee Bucks' T.J. Ford while he came back from a spinal injury

"Playing without the basketball is an art. If it's not an art, it's a habit that you try to develop as a response to this offense."

Phil Jackson

Los Angeles Lakers coach

"I don't control the schedule, so I don't worry about it. Just tell me when and where and we'll show up and play."

Charlie Weis

Notre Dame football coach

"This wasn't a big win. It was a real big win. It was the biggest win of the year."

Urban Meyer

Florida football coach, on defeating Florida State

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