November 27, 2005

Splurge of the Week

A versatile accessory

This cropped velvet chinois jacket from Banana Republic has Asian-inspired details and comes in a deep-colored velvet with satin trim (in black or ball gown purple). It feels as luxurious as it looks, and adds an element of style to everything from jeans to slacks. And when the holidays are over - because it's dressy without being fussy - it's a great item to have hanging in the closet. Wear it to a variety of occasions and look polished and chic.

Available at Banana Republic stores nationwide.


Steal of the Week

Painless switching

Going from the shopping mall to holiday parties to dinner and drinks with friends? Here's the perfect timesaver for women who change purses each time they change their outfits. That Pocketbook Thing is an organizer with a spot for all the purse essentials: checkbook, keys, cell phone, lip gloss, etc. When it's time to change purses, just lift out the 5-by-9-inch section and transfer it into the next purse. For those needing more storage than one section provides, the sections button together - and voila, space for the kitchen sink.

That Pocketbook Thing comes in green, blue, pink, and black and is available at Thanks, Hon!, 22 W. Allegheny Avenue, Towson. 410-494-4438.

Retail price $11.95

Store Opening


1100 Reisterstown Road


Is it a lounge or is it a boutique? If it weren't for the dressing rooms, it'd be hard to tell. Absolut is one of the coolest fashion spots to open in the area in a long, long time. Picture colorful walls, all splashed out in yellow, orange, red and turquoise. Water fountains and supple leather couches. House music thumping. And champagne and wine served to customers after 6 p.m.

Then there are the clothes. Owner Matty Vazgiel imports chic, edgy pieces from Italy, Paris and Israel. If you want unique, Absolut has got it. Abstract cuts. Inside-out stitching. Custom jewelry. Sexy shoes and handbags. And here's the real plus: Each piece of clothing comes in only one small, one medium and one large - so you won't see half of Baltimore wearing your outfit.

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