Letters To The Editor


November 27, 2005

CA should leave parkland open

In the minutes of the Columbia Town Center Community Association Board's Oct. 26 meeting, it is stated that "CA is looking at alternative ways to deal with the dredging of the Lake, since it now appears it will cost $5 million to dredge Lake Kittamaqundi and $3 million to complete the work at Lake Elkhorn due primarily to the difficulty in removing the silt.

One idea, not yet studied, is to fill in the north end of the Lake (Kittamaqundi) with the silt, but this is just one idea among many to be analyzed."

It is shocking that CA would even consider destroying the wildlife and bird life preserve at the north end of Lake Kittamaqundi.

The promise of Columbia is that all land designated in the original plan as open space would be left as open space.

If CA feels it has the right to alter the character of the north end of Lake Kittamaqundi, then all of Columbia's parkland is at risk. Let us hope that this idea is rejected.

Jeanne N. Ketley


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