Arundel History

November 27, 2005


A girl born in Glen Burnie in 1898 grew up to become the supervisor of Anne Arundel County schools by the age of 27. Ruth Parker Eason died Nov. 28, 1978, leaving behind a legacy as an educator that included winning the Pioneer Woman in Education Award in 1956.

Eason started her career in a long-lost era, teaching in one-room schoolhouses for 10 years. She showed her talent early as a principal in those same small rural schoolhouses. She later served as the county's supervisor of schools from 1925 to 1947.

It was a time when education was one of the few career paths open to women's advancement. As a result, some of the smartest women around were teachers or principals.

In 1947, Eason took a different direction. She left her head post to do experimental teaching with handicapped children and later spent 10 years directing the county's special education program.

Today, a public separate school is named after her in Millersville. Eason's published work includes a guide for Anne Arundel facilities for the disabled and History of the Town of Glen Burnie.

[Sun researcher Jean Packard and reporter Jamie Stiehm]

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