Crabby crew crowded the Crabtown Auction


Scene & Heard


The 2005 Crabtown Auction was about selling off 60 crabs - the 5-foot-tall crustaceans by local artists that had been decorating Baltimore for a few months.

Crab was in lots of the edible offerings, such as macaroni and cheese, bruschetta, crab and mango stacks and crab soup. You could even get a cocktail - the crabtini. "It's just like a margarita, but it's made with vodka. And the rim of the glass is dipped in honey, then Old Bay," bartenders Mike Murphy and Jason Epps explained.

The crab theme also turned up in guests' attire, as did the color orange. The sweater worn by Crabtown chair Debbie Cameron featured orange roses. Hubby Ron Solomon came clad in a light orange shirt, and a necktie with a crab design. And guest Lorraine Schapiro warmly greeted auction chair Harriett Legum in a pumpkin felt jacket, with matching crocodile handbag. Kirsten Lapointe, one of the crab artists, and her husband Mark flaunted red felt crab hats. Sparkly mini-crabs dangled from the ears of artist Amy Thierer. Guest Sue Hess sported an enameled crab pin on her shoulder.

"I was instructed!" Sandy Wise said of his orange floral tie, as he pointed to Hess. In fact, orange was prominent on many ties, including one worn by former Colts quarterback Marty Domres. The most unusual tie was created and worn by Pete Hilsee: a bolo capped with a slide made out of an Old Bay tin. "This is my spicy dash of orange!"

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