November 26, 2005

7 years, no offense: It's the coach's fault

One has to wonder about the relationship John Eisenberg has with Brian Billick after reading Mr. Eisenberg's column of Nov. 19 ["Giving Billick walking papers would be misstep for Ravens"] in which he defends Billick's coaching skills.

Mr. Eisenberg mentions, almost shouting in defense of "No Offense" Billick, that others are responsible for the Ravens' collapse. He slyly blames general manager Ozzie Newsome for not having productive drafts.

What Mr. Eisenberg fails to mention is that Newsome has had far more productive drafts than draft busts since 1996, when the Ravens arrived in Baltimore.

But since 1999, the year Billick arrived, there has been absolutely no offense, to the point where the Ravens are the laughingstock of the NFL.

Going on seven years without even a semblance of an offense is to be blamed on the head coach. Let's at least try someone new at the job.

Joseph Michael Cierniak

Glen Burnie

Reasons to fire Billick continue to grow

Brian Billick is now being defended on the basis of only having one bad season. That is not the point.

The points are these:

He still believes that Kyle Boller is a starting quarterback in the NFL despite all evidence to the contrary.

He continues to start and run Jamal Lewis despite his lame-duck status, his bad attitude and his non-performance.

He presides over the worst play-calling offensive scheme in the league.

He has not installed a two-minute offense on an NFL team, which is beyond belief.

The team is undisciplined, near the top of the league in penalties.

The Ravens have not scored 20 points in a game this year and went 12 quarters without a touchdown.

The team and fans expected a Super Bowl run, and now the Ravens are a laughingstock.

Fire the coach now!

Josh Tambor


Don't forget: Billick made Ravens winners

For all you front-runners who jumped on the Ravens' bandwagon after the 2000 Super Bowl run, here's a Baltimore football history lesson.

The last time a Baltimore NFL team had a winning record before Brian Billick arrived was the 1977 Baltimore Colts. Before Billick, the last Baltimore NFL team to win a playoff game was the 1971 Colts.

From 1978 to 1983 and from 1996 to 1998, the Baltimore Colts/ Ravens won 42 games, lost 93 and tied two.

In his first six seasons, Billick's regular-season record was 56-40 and the Ravens made three trips to the playoffs, winning a Super Bowl and a division title.

It's true that this has been a trying year, and I don't agree with all of the coach's decisions, but the good organizations who win like the Steelers stick with their coaches through thick and thin.

I think Billick should be given three years after this season to rebuild this team.

Marty Mossa

White Marsh

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