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November 26, 2005


Parade accident ignored by NBC

NBC-TV stuck to a cheerful script in its broadcast of Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York, omitting mention of an accident that injured two people and using tape from last year's parade showing the balloon unscathed. pg 2a

Mo. dioceses to fight petition

Missouri's four Roman Catholic dioceses plan to use the first Sunday of Advent to begin campaigning to keep Catholics from signing a statewide petition that would protect stem cell research. pg 3a


Three Annapolis buildings burn

A five-alarm fire spread through three commercial buildings last night on Main Street in Annapolis, within sight of City Dock and a few blocks from the State House. No one was reported injured. pg 1a

Bush to be at Steele fundraiser

President Bush will appear at a fundraiser for Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele's U.S. Senate campaign Wednesday at M&T Bank Stadium. pg 1b

MTBE found in north Balto. Co.

Mandatory testing of groundwater at Maryland service stations has led to the discovery of a significant level of MTBE, a gasoline additive, in residential wells in northern Baltimore County. pg 1b


China probes plant accident

China's leaders sent a team to investigate a chemical plant accident that poisoned a river, saying officials responsible will be punished. The northeastern city of Harbin's 3.8 million residents went without running water for a third frigid day. pg 12a

Shoppers hit the stores for sales

Lured by early-bird specials and undeterred by frigid weather and jostling crowds, shoppers across the country hit the malls and department stores before dawn yesterday to launch what retailers hope will be a surprisingly robust shopping season. pg 1a

Raw-milk sales are targeted

Washington state is going after tiny dairies for selling raw, unpasteurized milk, saying that the popular microdairies must be licensed and regulated by the state Department of Agriculture. pg 11c


Texas handles Texas A&M

The No. 2 Texas football team kept its national title hopes intact with a 40-29 win over rival Texas A&M. The Longhorns' Ramonce Taylor ran for two touchdowns and Cedric Griffin returned a blocked punt for a score in the victory. pg 5c


Delaying shopping isn't good

The experts say that dawdling is not a good thing when it comes to getting your holiday shopping done, especially for those who don't buy gifts online. Get organized as soon as possible and get on with it, they say. pg 1d






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"What happened in Nalchik was an insurrection. And, like most insurrections in history, it was caused by the excesses and corruption of the authorities."

Yuliya Katynina, commentator, on recent Islamic violence in southern Russia Article, PG 1a

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