The Kickoff

November 24, 2005

Good morning --NFL fans-- Be thankful for those two games today. Otherwise, you'd have to talk to your relatives.


"You know what? He's 34 years old now. It was time to grow up."

Pam Boas

Mother of Nextel Cup champ Tony Stewart, on her son's improved demeanor this year

"All right, hand me my Heisman Trophy ballot and let's get this over with. First place: Reggie Bush. Second place: Reggie Bush. Third place: Reggie Bush."

Ron Rapoport

Chicago Sun-Times columnist

Question of the day

Is college football's BCS system working, or should there be a playoff in Division I-A?

I don't know which is more dysfunctional - the BCS system or the stuff that fires the synapses in Terrell Owens' brain. It's a close call.

Patrick R. Lynch



Roch Around the Clock

When my mother was a teenager ... she used to babysit a kid named Roch Mantini. She loved the name so much, she vowed to give it to her son. ...

Roch Mantini and his brothers own a funeral parlor in Ford City [Pa.]. I covered the Orioles for nine seasons. So we both ended up working with stiffs.

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