Roch Around the Clock


November 23, 2005|By ROCH KUBATKO

The list of guests at Washington Post sportswriter Dave Sheinin's wedding on Nov. 12 included former Orioles center fielder Brady Anderson, who grabbed a cross-country flight to Baltimore the previous night and was a huge hit at the reception. When's the last time "Brady Anderson" and "huge hit" appeared in the same sentence?

I'll always appreciate Anderson's friendship during my early days on the beat. You had to crack his inner circle, but it was a fun place to be once you got there. Nobody was faster with a quip. I once relayed a story to him about how former Sun columnist Laura Vecsey quoted Jim Palmer as saying that onetime Orioles pitcher Mike Cuellar was deceased. "The Sun wrote that Cuellar's dead," I told him. "Meanwhile, we found out that he operates a small golf course in central Florida."

"Oh," Anderson replied. "Then he is dead."

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