Centennial High's `Guys' is a safe bet


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Where can one go and experience New York nightlife, Havana's dance clubs and Christian missionaries all in one night? The answer is a performance of Guys and Dolls, the Tony Award-winning musical that was brought to life last week at Centennial High School.

The story takes place in New York, where Nathan Detroit, a craps-game organizer, is desperate for money to fund his next game.

He makes a $1,000 bet with the notorious gambler Sky Masterson that Masterson cannot take Sarah Brown, a conservative missionary, to Havana.

At the same time, Detroit's fiancee of 14 years, Adelaide, wants him to quit the business and settle down. Meanwhile, Masterson succeeds in taking Brown to Havana, and he falls in love with her, as well.

Danny Townsend's portrayal of Masterson was outstanding. He displayed vocal talent and character. His love interest, Brown, was wonderfully played by Liz Dobbins, who did a great job of playing the uptight Brown and then letting her hair down in Havana. Elaine Feinstein gave an outstanding performance as the hilarious Adelaide. Feinstein's convincing character never parted from her stereotypical accent, even when singing.

Alborz Ghandehari gave a memorable performance as the slick sidekick gambler, Nicely Nicely. Ghandehari exuded energy and presence.

He shined in the tune "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat." The ensemble of gangsters was enjoyable to watch, as each person remained in character and added flair to the group.

No show can survive without the technical crew. A clever set design and extremely fast stagehands, under the direction of Bethany Winer, made the show flow well.

Despite a few technical flaws, the crew did an excellent job with a challenging show, especially during the travel scene between New York and Havana.

Jessica Baroody, a senior at Perry Hall in Baltimore County, reviewed "Guys and Dolls" for the Cappies of Baltimore, a program in which students review high school productions under the direction of their teachers and vote on awards for outstanding performances.

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