Team rankings

Nfl week


(Last week's ranking in parentheses):

1. Colts (1)

Starting with Cincinnati today, the schedule gets tougher.

2. Broncos (2)

Who is that bearded quarterback anyway?

3. Steelers (3)

Down to their third-string running back and third-string quarterback.

4. Panthers (4)

The Bears' defense will be a litmus test.

5. Seahawks (8)

Operating quietly under the radar.

6. Bengals (7)

The Jungle has become a haven.

7. Falcons (5)

Loss to the Packers is another ominous sign.

8. Cowboys (10)

That Monday night win makes up for the Washington game.

9. Jaguars (14)

Next three games are on the road.

10. Patriots (11)

There's no quick fix for this defense.

11. Chargers (9)

San Diego is the best team on the playoff bubble.

12. Giants (6)

Loss to the Vikings will haunt Tom Coughlin.

13. Bucs (17)

Jon Gruden's got guts.

14. Bears (15)

The quarterback job is Kyle Orton's to lose.

15. Redskins (12)

Defense was exposed by the Buccaneers.

16. Eagles (16)

Total T.O. meltdown on Monday night.

17. Chiefs (13)

Age is catching up with this team all over.

18. Bills (20)

J.P. Losman is back on track at quarterback.

19. Rams (18)

Seeking a new identity.

20. Vikings (22)

Mike Tice should go on injured reserve.

21. Dolphins (21)

Nick Saban missed his big chance against the Patriots.

22. Lions (24)

Roy Williams is out of the Detroit doghouse.

23. Raiders (19)

Norv Turner goes back to Washington.

24. Browns (23)

Slow but steady improvement.

25. Packers (31)

Brett Favre won't leave anytime soon.

26. Ravens (25)

Maybe Kyle Boller should throw from his knees.

27. Jets (27)

Last man out, turn off the lights.

28. Titans (26)

Remember the good years?

29. Saints (28)

Joe Horn should put up big numbers against New England.

30. Cardinals (29)

At least Kurt Warner held up.

31. 49ers (30)

Can be a feisty team.

32. Texans (32)

On the clock.

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