Wine Opener draws a hip crowd


November 20, 2005|By SLOANE BROWN

WHEN THE CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATION calls its event the "Second Annual Baltimore Wine Opener," you know you're going to be trying all sorts of interesting wines. And, there they were, set up on tables in Gaines McHale's new Fells Point store. So were all sorts of edible delights, courtesy of area chefs. But who knew a party set in an antiques store could be so, well, hip? The crowd of 200 to 300 almost reeked of "cool."

"Basically, this is a good chance to bring in our crowd. A fun, younger crowd," said Angie Delp, an event committee member. She made the rounds, greeting Chip Watkins, L.G. Concannon (also known as DJ Lovegrove), Reed Cordish, David Cole, Jamie Abrams, Harry Alascio, Rob Schoenfelder, Caryl Siems, Stacy Murray, and Stacy and Mark Saperstein.

"We're taking over Pazo after the party," John Angelos told Joe Woolman, referring to the popular nightspot next door.

"Well, giddy up!" yelped committee member Michelle Timmerman, in fur-topped boots, as she greeted friends. Janin Hardin sported hot, hot, hot red boots, while fellow committee member Caryn Sagal sparkled in lux embellished jeans. Kim Greeley twinkled in a sequined sweater and beaded handbag.


To list an event in the calendar, e-mail or fax to 410-675-3451 at least three weeks ahead. Include a contact name and number.

Baltimore or Palm Beach -- how's a guy to choose?


Bob Wildrick came to Baltimore in 1991 to become president and CEO of Jos. A. Bank Clothiers. We met Wildrick, 58, at The Explorer's Club at the Harbor Court Hotel.

Leisure time. Do you have any? And what do you do with it?

I think I'm one with the company. I think about it 24-7. I'm a single guy. What else am I going to do? (Smiles)

Pul-leeeze ..

I spend a lot of time in my home in Palm Beach [Fla.]. I'm involved in charities down there. Sports -- waterskiing, boating, fishing, golf. I'm trying to surf, but I'm afraid of the sharks.

Trying to learn a sport like that when you're older, don't you feel like a klutz?

Absolutely! But, I have a lower center of gravity than the kids. So, it helps tremendously! (Laughs) However, I've developed a small group of friends here, and I've really come to love Baltimore, the quality of people and life here. I think Maryland is the best-kept secret.

What makes you say that?

When I came here, Maryland meant scandal to me, from the Spiro Agnew era.

What changed your mind?

The college system here is fantastic. The health care here is the best in the world. The Aquarium. The Inner Harbor. And surprisingly, there's a great number of good restaurants! But, most of all, it's the people. I think it's a wonderful place to be, and I plan to spend more time here. I even wear a Terrapin hat when I play golf in Palm Beach.

You're single. How's that going?

I'm still single. So, it depends on your perspective.

And what's your perspective?

Um ... maybe we need a second martini!



Pour about 4 ounces Tanqueray gin and 1/4 - 1/2 ounces dry vermouth into a martini shaker with ice. Shake for about 10 seconds. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Add twist of lemon.

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