November 19, 2005

Many to blame for Ravens' woes

Have the football fans in this town lost their minds? There's no question this season has been a disappointment for the Ravens, but to run coach Brian Billick out of town after one bad season is ridiculous.

Take a look at the successful organizations in the NFL and you'll see that stability is a key to success.

(Just ask the owner down in Washington how many championships he's won by turning over the coaching staff every two years.)

As for the "blame" for this season, let's be clear on one thing: The disappointing record so far cannot be blamed on just one person.

It's easy to blame Coach Billick for the 2-7 record, but the blame should be shared among the players, the coaching staff and the front office.

Jody Madron


Fair-weather fans show their true colors

Baltimore sports fans are showing their true colors. Giving up on their team and selling their tickets to make what, $50?

It is obvious that these people are just fair-weather fans and are getting the kind of team they deserve.

And wasn't the lack of fan support and ticket sales a primary reason that the Colts left town?

Keith DiNardo


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