Tips to go easy on holiday feasting


November 18, 2005|By MARY BETH REGAN

Everyone knows Thanksgiving dinner is brimming with calories.

The American Council on Exercise has gone the extra step of calculating just how fattening your heaping plate of turkey and stuffing can be. An average Turkey-day meal: 3,000 calories, packed with 229 grams of fat.

Cedric Bryant, ACE's chief exercise physiologist, says people can push their caloric intake up to 4,500 calories if they snack. A 160-pound man would have to run at a steady clip for four hours to burn off the mega-meal alone.

Diet experts have long advised weight-conscious Americans to be careful in the six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. Tips to avoid weight gain: Add 30 minutes of exercise to your day. Drink lots of water. And never attend a holiday party hungry.

Bottom Line: It's better to have a plan for holiday eating than to end up with unwanted pounds in the New Year.

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