`Capote' is in just one theater



A feature in which Sun writers and critics sound off about the movies.

Capote has gotten all kinds of great reviews (including an A+ from Sun critic Michael Sragow). Its star, Philip Seymour Hoffman, sounds like a lock for an Oscar nomination.

So why, in its third week of release, is it playing in only one Baltimore-area theater?

Nothing against the Charles, which has been running Capote since it opened and is one of the best places around to see a movie. But not everyone can make it downtown easily; some people actually prefer the convenience of a mall multiplex. (It also opened at the Muvico Egyptian 24 at Arundel Mills, but left after two weeks.) With more than 60 non-Charles movie screens within 10 miles of the Beltway, you'd think at least one would be showing one of the best-reviewed films of the year.

Especially when movies like Chicken Little, Derailed and Saw II, none of which even approach the quality of Capote, are playing everywhere.

Capote might open wider once Oscar nominations are announced, or if Hoffman should win the Oscar (that's what happened when Charlize Theron won for Monster two years ago). But audiences, even those who don't live near the local arthouse, ought to have the chance to see the movie before then.


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