The Kickoff

November 17, 2005

Good morning --Shannon Sharpe --So we're guessing you wouldn't ask too much for your Kyle Boller rookie cards.

Question of the day

Is baseball's new steroids policy tough enough?

Ask Ken Caminiti. Oh, that's right, he can't answer for himself. This kind of policy is 15 years past due.

Patrick R. Lynch


No. The hesitancy of the players association and the owners to adopt any kind of meaningful policy regarding drug use, until forced by Congress, makes me feel they would do anything to circumvent the rules to avoid financial loss.

Ron Parsons


How can the policy be tough when they keep the door open? The league is still encouraging "experimentation" and the "opportunity" to beat the system at least twice. Zero tolerance should be the way to go.

Tom Morton



Does Congress still need to get involved in drug testing of pro sports?

Selected responses to today's question will be printed tomorrow on The Kickoff page. Please e-mail your answer (about 25 words) to by 3 p.m. today. Include your name, address and a daytime telephone number for verification purposes.


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