Team rankings

Nfl Week


(Last week's ranking in parentheses):

1. Colts (1)

Huge mental hurdle cleared Monday in Foxborough.

2. Broncos (2)

Somehow winning without Maurice Clarett.

3. Steelers (3)

Charlie Batch era begins -- and needs to end quickly.

4. Panthers (7)

Emerging as class of the NFC, as they should.

5. Falcons (5)

Michael Vick can pass from the pocket. Just ask him.

6. Giants (4)

Should surpass last year's win total today.

7. Bengals (6)

Closing in on first playoff berth since 1990.

8. Seahawks (9)

Someone needs to cut Shaun Alexander a big check ... now!

9. Chargers (12)

Frequent fliers (three cross-country trips so far) get a bye.

10. Cowboys (11)

Face T.O.-less Eagles tomorrow night.

11. Patriots (8)

Banged up but still in command of AFC East.

12. Redskins (16)

2-1 against NFC East this year.

13. Chiefs (15)

K.C. tells Raiders, "Just go for the win, baby."

14. Jaguars (14)

Playing soft part of their schedule.

15. Bears (17)

Rookie QB, great defense may be enough in NFC North.

16. Eagles (10)

This is what happens when you make a deal with the devil.

17. Bucs (13)

Pewter pirate ship is springing all kinds of leaks.

18. Rams (18)

Can make things interesting in Seattle today.

19. Raiders (20)

Could have made things interesting in K.C.

20. Bills (19)

Very disappointing team.

21. Dolphins (21)

Genius Nick Saban cost his team a win last week.

22. Vikings (29)

Could Brad Johnson be a better fit than Daunte Culpepper?

23. Browns (28)

Nondescript team at least has been competitive.

24. Lions (22)

Steve Mariucci is reportedly on the hot seat, but what about Matt Millen?

25. Ravens (23)

Kyle Boller is back. Whoopie!

26. Titans (24)

Adam Jones, aka "Ms. Pacman," has become an embarrassing sideshow.

27. Jets (25)

Brooks Bollinger gets the call this week, a month too late.

28. Saints (26)

Five straight losses means Jim Haslett gets a contract extension.

29. Cardinals (27)

Kurt Warner or Josh McCown? Like it matters.

30. 49ers (30)

Upset of Bucs will be their season highlight.

31. Packers (31)

Eagles would be winning if Brett Favre was their QB.

32. Texans (32)

Dom "Expansion" Capers hoping league is ready to add teams.

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