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BRONCOS (6-2) @ RAIDERS (3-5)

TIME -- 4:05 p.m.

LINE -- Broncos by 3

SKINNY -- Jake Plummer's performance (no interceptions his past six games and 171 passes) puts the Broncos on a different level. He's got a better run game and defense behind him than the Raiders' Kerry Collins. The Broncos are 12-4 after a bye.

PICK -- Broncos

RAMS (4-4) @ SEAHAWKS (6-2)

TIME -- 4:15 p.m.

LINE -- Seahawks by 7

SKINNY -- The Rams welcome back QB Marc Bulger and WRs Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt to an offense that began to emphasize the run in their absence. A loss here virtually locks up the NFC West for Seattle and leaves St. Louis scrambling for a wild-card spot.

PICK -- Seahawks

Worth seeing

BROWNS (3-5) @ STEELERS (6-2)

TIME, TV -- 8:30 p.m., ESPN

LINE -- Steelers by 7 1/2

SKINNY -- The Steelers have won nine of their past 10, including playoffs, against the Browns. Pittsburgh's lineup tonight has Charlie Batch at QB and Duce Staley at RB for the second straight week. The Browns' defense is in a bend-but-don't-break mode.

PICK -- Steelers

CHIEFS (5-3) @ BILLS (3-5)

TIME -- 1 p.m.

LINE -- Bills by 2 1/2

SKINNY -- Two vulnerable defenses are waiting to be exposed. The Chiefs are No. 31 in pass defense, the Bills No. 31 in rush defense. The Chiefs are missing LT Willie Roaf and RB Priest Holmes, though. Advantage, Bills QB Kelly HolComb.

PICK -- Bills


TIME -- 1 p.m.

LINE -- Patriots by 3

SKINNY -- The Patriots' defensive shortcomings were evident against the Colts, but the Dolphins have Gus Frerotte at QB, not Peyton Manning. Still, Miami should be able to pound with the running game.

PICK -- Dolphins

VIKINGS (3-5) @ GIANTS (6-2)

TIME, TV -- 1 p.m., chs. 45, 5

LINE -- Giants by 9 1/2

SKINNY -- The Vikings are going to be hard-pressed to keep the Giants out of the end zone. The prospect of a run game with Michael Bennett and the experience of QB Brad Johnson represent the Vikings' only chance to keep it close.

PICK -- Giants

JETS (2-6) @ PANTHERS (6-2)

TIME -- 4:05 p.m.

LINE -- Panthers by 9

SKINNY -- Brooks Bollinger gets another shot to quarterback the Jets after ending their touchdown pass drought last week. The Jets are No. 30 in total offensive yards and No. 30 in rush defense. Not good numbers to take to Charlotte.

PICK -- Panthers

Easy to miss

CARDINALS (2-6) @ LIONS (3-5)

TIME -- 1 p.m.

LINE -- Lions by 4

SKINNY -- Two struggling QBs square off in Arizona's Kurt Warner and Detroit's Joey Harrington. The Lions' defense should keep Warner struggling.

PICK -- Lions

PACKERS (1-7) @ FALCONS (6-2)

TIME -- 4:15 p.m.

LINE -- Falcons by 9 1/2

SKINNY -- Brett Favre, a second-round pick of the Falcons in 1991, goes back to Atlanta to see how good the Falcons' secondary is.

PICK -- Falcons

TEXANS (1-7) @ COLTS (8-0)

TIME -- 1 p.m.

LINE -- Colts by 17 1/2

SKINNY -- In Week 7, the Texans let QB David Carr throw nine passes against the Colts and lost by 18. Same strategy today?

PICK -- Colts

49ERS (2-6) @ BEARS (5-3)

TIME -- 1 p.m.

LINE -- Bears by 13 1/2

SKINNY -- The 49ers have failed to get in the end zone five times this season. This could be No. 6.

PICK -- Bears

Last word

"Wide receiver has turned into the angriest position in football. You look around the league, the guys generally throwing fits are wide receivers."

--- Howie Long, Fox-TV analyst, on the Terrell Owens fiasco

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