They Said It

November 12, 2005

"In college, they look like somebody your mother would approve of. In the NFL, they look like somebody your father would approve of."

David Whitley

Orange County (Calif.) Register, on the difference between cheerleaders at college and pro football games

"Hey, how about these riots in France? Did you see this? Over 1,300 cars were set on fire in France. 1,300. Usually, to see that many vehicles on fire, you gotta wait till the Detroit Pistons win a championship."

Jay Leno

Tonight Show host

"Who cares if Alex Rodriguez's hobby is illegal, high-stakes poker? It's his money. Just as long as he doesn't do anything stupid and crazy, like betting on himself to hit .300 in the playoffs next season. Or betting on a Steinbrenner horse."

Scott Ostler

San Francisco Chronicle

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