November 12, 2005

Billick's QB pick: Mr. Never-Will-Be

Once upon a time in Ravens Land there were three quarterbacks: Mr. Has-Been, Mr. Never-Was and Mr. Never-Will-Be. They were arranged in a pecking order, but the worst was ranked first and the best was ranked last.

Mr. Never-Will-Be began the season and demonstrated again that neither his feet nor his mind were nimble enough for the NFL. At this point, the excuse of youthful indiscretions was wearing a bit thin, and so the fans were not displeased when the dreaded turf toe forced him out of the lineup and Mr. Never-Was took over.

Now this gent will never displace Johnny U. in our hearts. But he plays hard, can scramble and sometimes throws an accurate pass. Clearly, he is an improvement over the perpetual debutante. But he couldn't match the hotshot who rode into town with the Bengals.

As happens in football, he came up gimpy, too. It became necessary to call upon Mr. Has-Been. Suddenly the offense came to life. Suddenly the old guy was moving the team. He didn't succeed with a touchdown on his first drive, but at least he woke up the fans.

But we knew it couldn't last. Master Brian Billick can't stand success. As soon as he could, he put the gimpy one back in the game, where he was easily chased down by the snarling Bengals.

And Mr. Billick has declared that Mr. Never-Will-Be will return to fail us once again.

There is no quarterback controversy in Ravens Land. We will go with the worst quarterback we have, just like before.

It's the Billick Way.

John Culleton


Change for Ravens must start with coach

In three years, the Cincinnati Bengals have gone from laughingstock to first place. With Marvin Lewis, they have a defense and an offense.

The Ravens continue to blunder under Billick. He has to go - and soon. After the next three weekends of losses, maybe everyone will see him as he really is.

There is no replacement for him on the Ravens' coaching staff - the good ones have already left.

Before the team is torn apart - and it truly needs to be rebuilt - an entirely new coaching staff needs to be in place.

It all starts with Billick, or else 2006 and 2007 will bring the same results.

Alan McAllister

Severna Park

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