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November 12, 2005








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Bush fights back

President Bush, working to recover from low approval ratings and stung by Democratic accusations that he used faulty intelligence to put the nation in war, used a Veterans Day speech at an Army facility in Pennsylvania to hit back. pg 1a


American troops killed in Iraq

Five American troops were killed in Iraq, including one along the Syrian border, during a major push to take control of the frontier from insurgents, the U.S. military said yesterday. pg 8a

Sunnis face power exclusion

Iraq Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari appeared yesterday to reject having some Sunni Arab nationals with ties to the former regime participate in an Arab League-sponsored process of Iraqi reconciliation, despite Bush administration efforts to bridge the country's deep divisions. pg 8a


Protesting teens suspended

Angry about stepped-up enforcement of the school's dress code, students at Northeast Baltimore's Academy for College and Career Exploration walked out after first period Wednesday, held up signs and called a television station. Principal Christopher Maher offered to talk through their concerns if they would come inside. They held their ground. He suspended 24 students for three days. pg 1b


Injured Suggs might miss game

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, who has a thigh injury, missed practice for the third straight day, leaving coach Brian Billick unsure whether his best pass rusher will be able to play tomorrow against the Jacksonville Jaguars. pg 3c


Scoring tailgating points

Football season is in full swing, which means that tailgating season is, too. For tips on tuning up your tailgate party, we sought the advice of brothers Marc and Gary Scher, who are diehard Ravens fans and pre-game entertaining experts. pg 1d

Prepaid college plan

The cost of enrolling in Maryland's prepaid college plan will be going up by the lowest amounts in years, thanks largely to tamer tuition inflation. Open enrollment begins Monday in the Maryland Prepaid College Trust, which allows families to prepay a semester or years of schooling and fees at the state's public schools. The money also can be applied to private and out-of-state schools. pg 9c

Under Armour goes public

Under Armour Inc., the Baltimore sports apparel maker, plans to launch its initial public offering Thursday to raise $72.7 million. The IPO will make about 12 million shares available to the public for an estimated $7.50 to $9.50 a share, including 2.5 million shares to be sold by Under Armour founder Kevin A. Plank, several members of his family and other corporate insiders. pg 9c


"If he could reach your eye, he would take it. If he'd reach your heart, he'd take that too. There was no hesitation."

Haithem, a 37-year-old Jordanian describing al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as a teenager Article, PG 1a

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Booking on Hurwitz

Seth Hurwitz has long been accused of strangling the music scene in Baltimore. Hurwitz, 48, is the co-owner of I.M.P. -the biggest concert promoter in the D.C./Baltimore region and co-owner of the 9:30 Club in D.C. His competitors say he uses his considerable clout to block bands from coming to Baltimore and is steering them to Washington.

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NFL recap

Comprehensive coverage of all of Sunday's NFL action, including the Ravens game.

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