Downey, Kilmer lace movie with sly sly fun fun

Review A-


No one does erupting instinct better than Robert Downey Jr. - his id plays hopscotch with his superego and usually wins. No one does calculated outrageousness better than Val Kilmer, who long ago decided moviegoers must take him as he is, supercilious wit and all. They're itchy-funny and potent together, like two lone wolves strapped to a dogsled, in the recklessly headlong murder mystery Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Downey plays a New York thief who escapes from a botched robbery attempt into a casting call that lands him a possible role in a City of Angels movie thriller. Kilmer plays the openly homosexual Hollywood private eye assigned to show Downey how to navigate the criminal pile-ups in the fast lane.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Warner Bros.) Starring Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, Michelle Monaghan. Directed by Shane Black. Rated R. Time 102 minutes.

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