`Zathura' and `Pride' will take on `Chicken Little'

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November 11, 2005

LOS ANGELES — Zathura and Keira Knightley's costume drama Pride and Prejudice are poised to give the animated Chicken Little a run for its money at the box office this weekend. Last weekend, the Disney family film saw $40,049,778 fall from the sky in its debut to top all movies.

The top 20 movies at U.S. and Canadian theaters Friday through Sunday, followed by distribution studio, gross, number of theater locations, average receipts per location, total gross and number of weeks in release, as compiled Monday by Exhibitor Relations Co. Inc. are:


Rk(lw)Title (Studio)gross*screenslocationWkstotal*

1( -)Chicken Little (Disney)$40.03,654$10,9611$40.0

2(-)Jarhead (Universal)$27.72,411$11,5001$27.7

3(1)Saw II (Lions Gate)$16.92,949$5,7152$60.1

4(2)The Legend of Zorro (Sony) $10.03,520$2,8482$30.3

5(3)Prime (Universal)$5.11,837$2,8002$13.3

6(4)Dreamer (DreamWorks)$4.82,617$1,8323$23.8

7(12)Good Night, and Good Luck (Warner Independent)$3.0657$4,6675$10.9

8(6)The Weather Man (Paramount)$2.81,510$1,9012$8.6

9(-)Shopgirl (Disney)$2.5493$5,1133$3.4

10(10)Flightplan (Disney)$2.31,445$1,5857$84.4

11(8)North Country (Warner Bros.)$2.22,211$9743$15.6

12(5)Wallace & Gromit (DreamWorks)$2.12,278$9215$52.8

13(7)Doom (Universal)$2.01,983$9973$26.4

14(9)The Fog (Sony Screen Gems)$2.01,669$1,1814$28.0

15(11)Elizabethtown (Paramount)$1.61,638$9974$25.1

16(13)In Her Shoes (Fox)$1.1791$1,3975$31.0

17(16)Capote (Sony Pictures Classics)$1.0183$5,5416$4.9

18(14)A History of Violence (New Line)$0.8707$1,1527$29.9

19(15)G (Aloha Releasing)$0.6450$1,2344$2.7

20(-)The Squid and the Whale (Samuel Goldwyn-Sony)$0.481$4,9415$1.8 * in millions

Next Friday

HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE -- The boy wizard represents his school in a tournament. (Warner Bros.)

WALK THE LINE -- Joaquin Phoenix plays Johnny Cash in this biopic of the country music legend. (20th Century Fox)

BEE SEASON -- A marriage becomes a roller coaster as a daughter begins winning spelling bees. (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Nov. 23

RENT -- A year in the tangled life of a group of Bohemian New Yorkers. The film is based on the Puccini opera La Boheme. (Columbia/Revolution)

THE ICE HARVEST -- A half-witted plot to swindle the mob goes awry on Christmas Eve. (Focus Features)

IN THE MIX -- Usher stars as a deejay who accidentally saves a mob princess' life. Soon, protecting her from harm is his business. (Lions Gate Films)

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