Maybe they should have used another coat


November 09, 2005|By LAURA VOZZELLA

You're a politician running for higher office. You schlep over to yet another event, this one celebrating the launch of a new business. But instead of an oversized pair of scissors and a ribbon to snip, you find women wearing nothing on top but body paint.


A) Watch your political career flash before your eyes.

B) Thank God one more time for steering you out of the seminary and into politics.

C) Issue the following statement after the press catches wind of it:

Lt. Governor Steele was attending a minority businesss launch party at the American Visionary Art Museum. He was not aware that such ntertainment would be present. He is a staunch advocate of minority businesses and wishes B Magazine well.

The answer is C. (Which doesnt necessarily exclude A or B, but thats all I got out of Steele's spokesman.)

Someone with more to say about the matter was Rob Redding, a Washington Times reporter who posted video from the party on his Web site under the title: Steele Included in Nude Video.

The video, originally on the magazines Web site, shows party guests and the painted women described as body art sculptures by B publisher Antoine Friend inside the museum. It also shows Steele, who appears to be on the sidewalk out front, saying, This is a great moment. Im glad to be here as part of this launch.

Redding railed on his site against the devout Catholic with a degree in divinity for calling the risque event a great moment.

Reddings paper had a different slant. In a short news item, The Times suggested the whole thing was a set-up to tarnish Steele as he launched his bid for Senate. The headline: Curious timing.

It sounded so nice he said it twice

On the light rail the other day, the driver announced to riders that the airport was coming up.

BWI Thurgood Marshall International Airport, he said.

That would make it Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall International Airport.

Later on, it was just Thurgood Marshall International Airport.

Still wrong, but not repetitive, at least.

The path to fame is paved with mistakes

The good news for The Suns newest metro columnist. She gets a mention in The Hotline, the National Journals online political news service.

The bad news: The Hotline was pointing out a mistake made Sunday when I was quoting Senate hopeful Allan Lichtman about the popularity of his blog on The Daily Coast.

Thus, apparently, Vozzella joins an privileged club (according to Google) of those who have mistaken this non-existent site for Daily Kos, The Hotline reports.

Still waiting for Employee of the Millennium

As 2005 comes to a close, the Maryland Department of the Environment has named its employee of the year.

The employee? Gilford Parker, an Anne Arundel Countian, who was recognized for his outstanding inspection and coordination efforts at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge project.

The year? 2004.

Lets hope theyre quicker when it comes to checking out pollution complaints.

Safety equipment cleared for landing

Air traffic controllers held a news conference last week calling on the FAA to install new safety equipment.

Not three hours later, the FAA announced that their wish would come true at BWI and 14 other airports.

Ask and you shall receive, said Doug Church a spokesman for the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.

Wow! Is that association powerful or what?

FAA spokeswoman Rebecca Trexler says the agency made the decision a while ago and only moved up its announcement to respond to the unions press event.

Believe me, she said, government agencies just dont work that fast.

It's not happy hour inside the courthouse

The fliers said Happy Hour, but John Grason Turnbull II was not amused.

Baltimore County's administrative judge issued a memo last week chastising states attorneys office staff for distributing the fliers, which advertise a Nov. 17 undraiser for Deputy States Attorney Steve Bailey.

It is inappropriate for these flyers to be posted in any Judges Chambers or the Court House, Turnbull wrote.

Bailey, who is running for states attorney, said yesterday that it was perfectly appropriate for his officemates to pass out the material on their lunch breaks. He said he wasnt aware that any of the fliers had been posted (except on a bulletin board outside the courthouse canteen). He agrees that any put up in offices should come down.

If youre wondering, Bailey would only talk to me on his campaign cell phone and only after 4:30 p.m.

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